Monday, April 23, 2007

Tin Grins Are In!!

This must be true, because Kelsey had her braces put on (I like to call it "installed") last Friday. Out of her group of friends, she was 4th out of the 6 of them to have them installed. Another friend found out just today that she also has to have her teeth straightened, or realigned, or whatever the terms are nowadays. Kelsey and I were just talking and laughing about the fact that the whole group of them minus one will have braces, and she said, "As if we all need braces". I can't imagine any other reason for them being put on, considering what they cost. So....I'm pretty sure you all need them. Anyway, her mouth has been pretty sore since Friday night, but she's persevering. She looks so cute (as if she wouldn't have!), and they actually make her look different. More mature or something. Not sure, but they do look good on her. She'll have to go for tightenings every 6 weeks or so, and at that time, she can choose a different colour to be put on. The first go-around is teal (as you can probably see in the picture), and she said next time will be either pink or purple. I'm sure there are some pretty interesting colour combinations, but I must say the coloured ones are sure different from the braces I was used to seeing as a teenager. Also, what's up with braces being installed at such a young age now? I'm not at all complaining, but years ago, kids were 14 or 15 when they were first put on, and now they're long removed by that age. It's good though because they don't have to go through too many years of high school with them on. Life is rough enough at that age.

Anyway....nothing more to report.

Take care all...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Help Please!

I need some help. Kenny is currently on a low-carb diet (a la Atkins), and is getting extremely bored with the food. We need some meal and snack ideas so he doesn't fall off the wagon. He's doing awesome with the diet so far, but is feeling a little down about the boring meals. Does anyone have any suggestions? He doesn't like any kind of fish or seafood, so that limits us a little bit. I've looked on the internet for meals and recipe ideas, but thought I'd ask for help from all the carb-counters out there. I would greatly appreciate any help, ideas, advice, and suggestions.