Wednesday, February 27, 2008


As most of you already know, we are trying to renovate our house so we can sell it in the spring. We're hoping for June, but it may be later than that. We have crapped out more money at Home Depot in the last month than I thought was ever possible. They love us. I'm sure they know us by name when we walk in there now. It's pathetic. If we don't go there one day, it feels like something is missing. We know exactly where everything is, and how much it costs. On the positive side, we have learned ALOT since we started all of this. The first major thing we did was the bathroom. It's about 98% complete. We're just missing baseboards and casings for the doorway, but that's all going in tomorrow. Once they're in, all I have to do are a few paint touch-ups, and voila! One month later, we have a new bathroom. Flooring and all. I thought I'd post a couple of pictures because I'm pretty happy with the outcome. It has been pure hell, but it's very pretty now. I'll show some before and after shots. Okay, one before, and the rest are after.
The next major venture will be the flooring. We are replacing the existing linoleum and carpet on the main level with hardwood (well, laminate) and new linoleum. That will be pretty major, but that's okay....hopefully it pays off in June!


At Friday, February 29, 2008 7:17:00 AM, Blogger Jenn said...

Love love love it!! I want to come over and take a bath in your new tub... looks great good job you guys.

At Friday, February 29, 2008 7:28:00 AM, Blogger Char said...

Thanks Jenn! It's had an addition or two since I took these pictures the other day. I'll send them via email to you or Facebook, or something. The baseboards are on, now the door casings need to be added, I have to paint the door and do a few other touch ups, and that's it! This bathroom has sucked every ounce of energy we have, but I am still really happy with how it looks.

Come on over and see it!!

At Friday, February 29, 2008 11:26:00 AM, Blogger Shannon said...

We had our kitchen done by Home Depot and we're really happy with it. HD is our second home.

I love your bathroom!! I like the sink especially. It looks like a perfect piece for my downstairs bathroom.

Eventually we'll do something with ours....when the boys stop peeing all over the place.

At Saturday, March 01, 2008 8:38:00 AM, Blogger Char said...

LOL Shannon!!

The vanity/sink is from HD (did I mention we call it our "Home Away From Home Depot"?). It was $199 and it came with a mirror (not the one we used), so it was a pretty good deal I think. We did all the work ourselves, but bought 99.9% of the supplies there.

Our kitchen is on the list of things to be done....I'm scared!!!!!!!

At Saturday, March 01, 2008 10:18:00 AM, Blogger Shannon said...

OMG...that is an awesome price for the vanity!!

The kitchen was actually really fun to design. They send someone to measure your kitchen. And then you sit down with someone at a computer and pick the cabinets and the layout of your kitchen. Then you place the cabinets, sink, stove, and fridge where they'll function the best.

No matter where I'm working in my kitchen, I have everything I need where they should be.

Home Depot hires independent contractors to come to your house and install everything, so you won't have some tweedle dee schmuck coming to make a mess of everything. It took about a week or so for the kitchen to be intalled.


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