Thursday, January 25, 2007

Good Day...

So we have a new computer. A new computer that I am really out of the loop as to how to operate. It can do so much, but I am so behind with technology, I'm just starting to learn how to do things like burn a disc. I can burn a music disc, but haven't attempted a dvd yet. I don't even know if we have the proper software to do so. I am so clueless with this. It's so great being able to look at our bank account on a nice huge screen. And quickly. That's about the extent of what I try to do on here. I know we can do video editing, create albums, all kinds of groovy things, but I feel so old and behind the times. I love the fact that we can listen to virtually any kind of music we could possibly want. Downloading is a breeze on this thing. We also have a printer, which we've never had before, and it's so awesome. Kelsey can print her school stuff, and if we ever get around to it, we can buy photo paper and print some pictures. I just need to be patient and spend some quality time with this puppy and I'm sure I'll learn something.

Other than that, we're just plugging away. Kids are fine, we're fine. Putting up with the cold weather, and just watching the time go by until it's nice out again.

The biggest event coming up is Kelsey's birthday. She's going to be frickin 12 years old. I can't get over that. I even get emotional when I think about it sometimes. She's growing up do damn fast, it's scary. I feel so fortunate to have her for a daughter though. She is such a good kid. I know I always say that, but it's true. I never have to worry about whether she's done her homework or not, or who she's hanging out with, or the things she's into. I know she's going to be experiencing many changes over the next 5 years, and we're just at the start of it, but I know she'll be okay because she has her head on straight. She knows the difference between right and wrong, and I know she'll stay out of trouble for the most part. I'm sure there will be the odd thing to deal with during her teenage years, especially once she's in high school, but we'll roll with all of it. Or maybe we'll just have to lock her in her room until it's time to start university. From what I understand, she wants to be a kindergarten teacher, so I will definitely encourage her to follow that path if she's serious about it. She may change her mind as to what she wants to do, but will always be behind her 100%. I must add that she's becoming quite the baker. She makes amazing chocolate chip cookies, and I know Chris will vouch for that one.

Mister Jake is healthy, and hasn't been sick since before Christmas, and that's how it's going to stay. He is getting very much into letters and numbers, and he can recognize several of them. He is also expanding his drawing horizons, which is totally adorable to me. I love his artwork. He's going to be starting French Immersion Kindergarten in the fall, and he told me the other night before bed when we were talking about it that he "already knows Dora French". So, I guess he's off to a great start. Maybe he, like his mother, one day will be able to count to 10 in four languages. I hope he can beat that.

We haven't won the lottery yet, so unfortunately, we're still working. I'm working the sucky shift over the weekends, and still hating it. I don't hate the job, I hate the shift and the crappy stuff that goes on around the job. But, I'm sticking it out until something better comes along.

Well, that's my post for today. Just a little catch-up one for now.


At Thursday, January 25, 2007 9:01:00 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Kelsey is awesome. I hope Emma grows up to be just like her.
Jake has a great smile and a soft voice.
I like them both.

At Friday, January 26, 2007 9:12:00 AM, Blogger Jenn said...

I agree with Chris.. I like them both too!! I have a hard time wrapping my brain around Kelsey turning 12 too. She has grown up so fast and she IS an AWESOME kid. You and I have talked about what a good kid she is. And if my kids can grow up to be anything like her I will be able to sleep at night!! You guys have done an amazing job with her and doing the same for Jakey!! Speaking of Jakey... can he give me a lesson so I can speak Dora French? LMAO.. that kid makes me laugh.. man do I miss him!! I dont want to hear anymore stories about him crying cause he wants to come to TO to see us!! That breaks my heart everytime I think about it.

Anyway.. glad you posted.. dont be so long next time.. OK??


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