Friday, January 20, 2006

Joe Joe!

It's not like anyone who is reading this doesn't know who Joe Joe is. We can all remember the welcoming sound of his mother's voice when it was time for him to go home and have dinner, or rub her bunions, or whatever he did in that house. The sound wasn't welcoming because of her sweet voice, but because we knew this would be the end of the scent that surrounded him wherever he went. There was really no polite way to tell Joe Joe that it was time to go home because he loved being around everyone so much, so if we did tell him that we had to go out, or go in to eat, he'd say okay and turn around and sadly shuffle off home. Not to get all sad or sentimental or start feeling guilty about Joe, but there are some pretty funny stories that will probably stay with us for a really long time. They've already been with us for 25 years, so I'm sure the memories are burned into our brains. I think the first memory Jenn has is that her first friend in the whole world was at age 3 with a 41-year-old mentally challenged man who smelled kind of funny, walked on the side of his foot, and only had a few teeth left in his head that were black.

The funniest thing was watching him teach Jenn (or, Jen-E-Fair who is Chal and Keestofair's sister), how to ride a two-wheeler. The poor guy could hardly walk, but yet there he was (at age 41), holding the back of 3-year-old Jenn's bike, running like a madman to make sure she didn't fall off. It is amazing that he never had a heart-attack.

Remember the first sign of spring living on Dunrobin? The first visit from Joe usually marked it. Then that was it until snow fell. He was a part of many parties and family get-togethers at our house, and he even provided records so there could be more music to listen to. All of our friends and family knew who he was.

Summer wasn't summer until Joe made an appearance. He'd tell us tales about going to the Ex and winning a sailboat, going to the lake, and he'd go on and on about the antics of Hawkeye and Hot Lips on Mash.

I haven't seen or heard from Joe since the day our family no longer lived on Dunrobin, except for a few years ago when Chris was on his route, and Jenn was living on Rothesay. From what I understand, Chris was in Jenn's area, saw him and showed him where Jenn's house was. Jarret was playing outside, and there was a knock on Jenn's front door. When she opened it, Joe and his friend Robert were standing there. Can you imagine what Jenn thought when she saw him?? Her first friend!! And now her child had the opportunity to meet him too! What a feeling! It just struck me so funny. A few weeks after that day, I was talking to Jarret and someone told me to ask him something about Joe. So I just asked him out of the blue, "What was Joe's friend's name?" (As if I knew but just couldn't remember) Without even hesitating, Jarret responded, "Robert". How he even remembered is still beyond me.

Poor Joe has been brought up in so many conversations we've had over the years, but obviously he had an impact on all of us in one way or another. I'm sure every morning when we lived there, he couldn't wait to get outside to see what we were all up to.

From what I understand, Joe's life was much better the last time anyone in our family was in contact with him, AND he had a friend. So, things are probably okay with him. Moreso than when we knew him as kids.

As for his teeth, well, I think they all fell out a very long time ago. He probably keeps his extra set in a jar.


At Friday, January 20, 2006 3:08:00 PM, Blogger Jenn said...

LMAO!!! I told the people I work with about Joe Joe and how he tought me how to ride a 2 wheeler! Joe comes up in conversation all the time at work. I hope he is doing well. To bad our kids wont have the memories of a mentaly challenged 41 year old playing with them. I guess our stories of JOE JOE will have to live on!

At Friday, January 20, 2006 3:14:00 PM, Anonymous Gramma of 5 said...

Archie once said to me. We laugh at Joe, but Joe hasn't got an enemy in the world, not a wrinkle on his face (40+), he gets fed 3 times a day, watches his favourite programs, never has to work, he doesn't know he is mentally challenged, and never has to take a bath or wear teeth. Who's laughing now?

At Friday, January 20, 2006 8:29:00 PM, Blogger rubbing said...

U know what..? i poot salebote in float....
aaaa....gondola pizzoo

Kid- Joe how old are you?
Joe- Guess...
Kid- 15?
Joe- No ... Highel
Kid- 50?
Joe- No.....Highel
Kid- 51?
Joe- No.....Lowel
Kid- 30?
Joe- No. Lowel
Mrs. Rickrand- Jue Jue .... Jue Jue ... Jue Jue
Kid- Joe your moms calling you
Joe turning around limping towards home "commin ..."

Half of an hour goes by...Enter Joe in back yard with kids playing and dad barbequeing....joe continues...
"eugene and mrs eugene you want some lubarb?" (rhubarb).
We miss you Joe

At Friday, January 20, 2006 9:10:00 PM, Anonymous Kenny said...

I remember hearing about that. I must say Char your story telling ability on that was awesome. Felt like the start of a novel or something...very good!

At Saturday, January 21, 2006 1:59:00 PM, Blogger Char said...

I think it was lobop. He asked me if we wanted any lobop. I was 10. I said, "lobop"? He said, "yeah, lobop". I had to ask Mom in front of him because I had no idea what lobop was.

Also, I don't think Jenn was 3 when she was riding a 2 wheeler. I think he just liked to run. I thought about that last night and realized that it couldn't be that she was 3.

Thanks for the boost Kenny!!! Who knows, maybe I'll brush up on some writing ability by posting on this blog and become a famous novelist one day. Yeah. We'll see. Maybe I'll write a parenting book.

At Saturday, January 21, 2006 11:26:00 PM, Blogger rubbing said...

Holyshit youshould write a parenting book chal....we spent 3 or so hours today at emergency just for the "Doctor" to tell us what you told me this after noon....that being Benidryl.


At Monday, January 23, 2006 2:02:00 AM, Blogger Char said...

LOL @ "Doctor"...that's funny. I know how you feel. Sometimes that's what it seems like. You're not sure if they really are or not. I liked having to argue with a "doctor" about Jake needing a chest x-ray. I wanted him to have one because it sounded like pneumonia to me, but the "doctor" said it wasn't. I said he needs one and could they please do one? The response was that he had to check with his superior. He came back to tell me that they would do an x-ray, and when the results came back, the "doctor" came into the room and said "He does have pneumonia and he needs to be admitted". He was there for 5 days. That was when you and Denise got married. But he didn't need an x-ray. What the hell would I know? I'm only the mother. Anyway....sometimes it's hard dealing with them, but there are times when you get someone who knows their stuff. It does happen. Hopefully you don't have too many more experiences to find this out for yourself.


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